Sunday, December 11, 2011

PARVO -- The Untold, Unconscionable and "Inhumane" Silence of the HSUS

Shame on the Humane Society of the U.S. (HSUS)!!!!!  If the HSUS truly cared about the health and welfare of puppies and dogs, why has it never spent a single penny from the more than One Billion Dollars ($1,000,000,000) that it received in the last 10 years to publicize and tell Millions of Dog Owners and the American Public about the true causes of PARVO??????????   In this regard, PARVO is highly contagious and results in "sick" puppies and dogs.   Instead, the HSUS distorts the TRUTH and disparages thousands of caring and responsible breeders with the accusation that all "sick" puppies and dogs come from "puppy mills" (PMs), and then it uses that deceitful lie to urge Millions to boycott pet stores that sell puppies because of its libelous claim that all pet store puppies come from "PMs."
The HSUS and other "Charlatan" Lap Dog Organizations that follow the lead of the HSUS never miss an  opportunity to trash "ALL" breeders - - "ALL" Breeders, and not just commercial  breeders who are licensed and inspected by State and Federal Inspectors.  And they post on their Websites "unsanitary conditions" citations issued by APHIS Inspectors to Federally Licensed and Inspected Breeders.  However, they never tell the Members of the American Public, who contribute Several Hundred Million Dollars each year to support their deceitful Propaganda Campaigns, that many of the "unsanitary conditions" citations are related to "discrepancies" as  minor as a cobweb or a dead fly being found in the kennel.  Instead, they weave a web of lies  that suggest that "sick puppies" come from these kennels which they label as "PMs."  Perhaps the most egregious allegation that has ever been made about responsible breeders occurred when a USDA Licensed and Inspected Breeder, who is also Licensed and Inspected by State Inspectors, was listed on the Internet as a "HALL OF SHAME" BREEDER.  And how many citations has this  breeder recently received?  NONE.....ABSOLUTELY NONE IN THE LAST 13 YEARS!!!!!
Stop and ask yourself - - if the name of such an exemplary breeder may be Googled on the Internet and be found on the "HALL OF SHAME,"  what breeder in the U.S. is  immune  from such disparaging  and libelous comments by organizations that DO NOT "Tell the Truth, The Whole Truth, and Nothing But the Truth?"
So what is the "TRUTH" about "sick" puppies and dogs?  The "TRUTH" is that most of the so-called "sick" puppies and dogs have been exposed to the highly contagious PARVO Virus, which is spread by puppies and dogs coming into contact with and sniffing other dogs and feces that are contaminated with the PARVO Virus.  Thus, it would logically follow that if the kennels were not sanitary, well maintained and clean, such unsanitary conditions would create a "Perfect Storm" environment for outbreaks of PARVO at all kennels.  This UNTOLD "TRUTH" begs the question:  "If all so-called "PMs" were snarly, unsanitary kennels, why do they not all have outbreaks of PARVO?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Another "TRUTH" is that outbreaks of PARVO in commercial breeding kennels are rare and isolated, which suggests that sanitary housekeeping is the common practice within all such kennels - - not only because it is economic suicide to allow unsanitary conditions to destroy your breeding stock and puppies as a result of an outbreak and epidemic of PARVO, but because the overwhelming number of breeders, with rare exceptions, truly care about the health and welfare of their puppies and  dogs.
Yet another "TRUTH" is that the fundamental cause of most "sick puppies" may be traced to the fact that the puppies and dogs became sick with PARVO because the Dog Owners did not follow-up with the PARVO Booster Shots for their puppies, and then unwittingly, with no malice aforethought, the Dog Owners took their puppies for walks in parks where the puppies are exposed to other dogs and  dog droppings that were contaminated with PARVO.  Tragically, the adorable  puppies were perfectly healthy and well socialized when they left the kennels of the responsible breeders; and were perfectly healthy when they left the pet store, but were then exposed to the PARVO Virus while under the unfettered care and control of the Dog Owners who innocently did not understand or knew about the silent threat of PARVO, and how it is contracted by young puppies and dogs.  However, this "TRUTH" has never been the subject of "Educational" Articles posted on the Websites of the HSUS or other Lap Dog Followers of the HSUS disparaging "PM" dogma.
And yet another "TRUTH" is the fact that the HSUS has Outreach Programs that reach out to Millions of Dog Owners, and the HSUS could use those Outreach Programs and the functionality of its Website to educate Millions of Dog Owners about risks of the highly contagious PARVO, which is a major cause of "sick" puppies and dogs, and how best to minimize that risk for their puppies.
Despite the fact that the tax-exempt, public charity status of the HSUS is based in large part on its representations that the HSUS provides an educational service, the HSUS is woefully "Absent Without Leave (AWOL)" with respect to fulfilling the IRS mandate to provide "educational " information on critically important issues such as PARVO, which poses a serious risk to the health and welfare of puppies; and is woefully AWOL in its failure to provide invaluable, educational information to Dog Owners as to how best  to protect their puppies and dogs from the risk of contracting PARVO.    Instead of using its Outreach Programs and the functionality of its Website to "educate" Dog Owners, the HSUS has consciously chosen to remain silent on the issue of PARVO so that it may continue to falsely accuse responsible breeders of breeding "sick puppies," which is a blasphemous lie!  In short, the HSUS has chosen to keep the American Public and Millions of Dog Owners in the dark about the true causes of PARVO  as part of what could be and should be a laudable "Educational and Preventive Health Program."  Instead, the HSUS has chosen to libelously accuse all responsible breeders as being "PMs" because that allows the HSUS to continually misuse the images of "sick" puppies and dogs as part of its illegitimate and deceptive Fundraising Campaigns, which some have described as Fundraising Schemes.  In a word, the "silence" of the HSUS about the true causes of "sick" puppies and dogs, and its failure to "educate" the American Public and its donors who have contributed over One Billion Dollars ($1,000,000,000) over the last 10 years to the coffers of the HSUS may best be described as:   "INHUMANE!" 
Yes, such a callous and insensitive desire to place a higher "Soundbite" Priority on its Fundraising Campaigns rather than on the need to educate the American Public about the true causes of PARVO is not only unconscionable, but it is "INHUMANE!!!!!"  Shame on the HSUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
The American Public deserves to receive the "TRUTH" from organizations that have been designated as tax-exempt, public charities by the Internal Revenue Service!!!!!  So "Why Doesn't the HSUS Tell the Whole Truth?"  Perhaps the "WHY" is because the "TRUTH" would undermine its deceitful Fundraising Campaigns that are based on libelous lies.  Furthermore, if details of its  inhumane act of silence and its failure to educate the American Public about the true causes of "sick" puppies became common knowledge, such knowledge would undoubtedly jeopardize the ability of the HSUS to persuade the American Public to continue to donate over $130 Million Dollars a year that is used to support the Propaganda Campaigns and the Political Agenda of the HSUS to the detriment of ALL Dog Owners throughout America.
If the HSUS does not care about ensuring that all Dog Owners become aware of the safeguards to follow to avoid putting their puppies at risk of contracting PARVO and becoming "sick," what else has the HSUS failed to tell the American Public?!?!?!?!?


  1. Another truth is that if you want a Parvo infected puppy go to a shelter or rescue.....ask Oprah

  2. re: Oprah - true and very sad.