Sunday, May 1, 2016

Why Celebrate National Purebred Dog Day?

Why do we need National Purebred Dog Day? Because the propaganda of the hostile political movement of animal rights has forced changes in laws all across the nation.

In my state of Maine, the shelter and rescue industry has driven the hostile propaganda of the political animal rights movement to the point of absurdity.

They say don't buy a puppy from a family unless you can see both of the puppy's "parents" on site. Never mind that the male dog doesn't live there. If he's not present, then they must be a you-know-what. It's the law now.

Make sure you get to see the family's entire house. If it's not absolutely perfect in all aspects including things that have nothing to do with raising puppies, then they must be a you-know-what. It's the law now.

If you think the family, in your expert opinion, might be a you-know-what, then be sure to make a couple of phone calls. First, call the state's animal welfare program. You don't have to give your name or anything. Just tell them where you were and that you think they are a you-know-what. Just one anonymous phone call is all it takes.  It's the law now.

That family will soon get a visit from animal welfare agents, accompanied by the police with guns, because of your anonymous phone call. It's the law now.

That family will also receive a visit from Child Protective Services, and all the neighbors will see, because "everyone knows" that anyone who is a you-know-what also abuses children. It's the law now.

Finally, be sure to call the Humane Society of the United States. If the family you just ratted out gets convicted, you get $5,000.00 cash.

Yay, you.

This is why we need National Purebred Dog Day. When there are no more breeders, there will be no more dogs.

If you think the source of your dog makes you a better person, then you don't need a dog, you need a therapist.

My dog. My Choice. Ditch the Guilt. Take back the conversation.

Written by Jay Kitchener who is a leading advocate in the purebred dog industry. Jay has been on the forefront in preserving the rights of dog breeders and animal owners, and recently helped in turning back an effort to ban retail pet sales in Maine. Jay is now serving as the New England Regional Director for The Cavalry Group.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Why Are We So Quick To Dance With The Devil?

The news out of New York City gets worse by the day.  A group Ed Sayres created and funded (NYCLASS or New Yorkers for Clean Livable and Safe Streets) to destroy a political candidate and a traditional animal business is now under federal and state investigation.

This is very serious.

I've spent the last decade of my life opposing Ed Sayres and the lies and misinformation he was handsomely paid to produce to attack all animal enterprises.  You'll have to forgive me if I'm skeptical of his alleged change of heart now that he claims to be in favor of pet shops and commercial pet breeders.
Jay Kitchener testifying in opposition
to LD 335 in Maine. Photo Credit:
Joe Phelan/Kennebec Journal

When I fought hard last year in my state of Maine against LD 335, a bill to prohibit sales of dogs and cats from out of state commercial breeders, I never once saw Ed Sayres in the room to testify and oppose LD 335.  What I do recall is the first legislative conference call we had with Ed Sayres where his first statement was, “Pet shop owners need to have a Plan B."

What was Ed's Plan B, I wondered?

Why are pet stores so quick to partner with the man who still says, "Adoption should always be everyone's first option"? See his recent testimony before Arizona House Agriculture, Water and Lands Committee where he states it here.

Although Ed Sayres has left the sleazy and controversial ASPCA in Manhattan, the propaganda he produced while he was employed there has had its intended effect.  The elephants are gone from the circus, and the orcas will soon be gone from Sea World.  Do you really think it's going to be any different with dogs in pet shops?

Perhaps the day Ed apologizes to the Feld family (owners of Ringling Brothers Circus) and tries to refund some of the more than $20 million they spent to fight him, then I'll feel a little better.  Or perhaps the day Ed apologizes to Sea World I'll feel a little better.  But it will never bring back the elephants or the orcas.
Why are pet stores so quick to partner with the man
who says, "Adoption should always be everyone's first option."

If Ed Sayres had such a change of heart after a decade of serving as a highly-paid executive with a national stage, what do you think it would take for him to have a change of heart and return to his roots?  I'm not convinced that if Wayne Pacelle of the Humane Society of the United States, or Ingrid Newkirk of PETA offered Ed Sayres a pile of cash to bat for their teams that he would turn it down. Why should he?

After spending several years putting together the controversial political hit group NYCLASS while still at the helm of the equally controversial ASPCA in New York, Sayres walked away from those organizations in 2013.  

Then in 2014 Sayres appeared as the president of the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council (PIJAC) in Washington, DC—the very group Sayres had been handsomely paid to defeat for a decade.

Sayres served at the helm of PIJAC in 2015, then quietly became a “special advisor” to them in 2016.  

There’s a problem here.  Since 2013 more than 120 communities across the nation have passed the radical legislation to prevent pet shops from selling breeder’s animals—the very same radical legislation that Ed Sayres spent his career at ASPCA preparing to unleash on the country.  This legislation is the same all over the nation.  This cookie cutter legislation prohibits pet shops from selling animals from licensed and inspected kennels and mandates that pet shops may only sell animals from unknown sources provided by shelters and rescue groups like the ASPCA.  This legislation comes straight from the playbook of ASPCA and the other controversial animal rights groups like the Humane Society of the United States and PETA.  

I don’t believe for a minute that Ed Sayres had an epiphany in 2014 and decided to join the very group defending pet shops and commercial breeders from the same legislation Sayres spent a decade crafting.

I do believe, Ed Sayres did not join PIJAC to prevent the government-forced transition from purposefully and professionally bred pets in pet shops.  Ed Sayres joined PIJAC to facilitate the government-forced transition to only randomly sourced animals in pet shops.  Was this the “plan B” to which Sayres referred in the first conference call with pet shop owners nationwide?

To this day Sayres defends his position against the New York City horse carriage industry. To this day he defends his misguided positions against the circus and Sea World.  Are we expected to believe he has truly had a change of heart when it comes to professional commercial dog kennels?  I’m not buying it.

Now that both the United States Attorney and the Manhattan District Attorney have subpoenaed the group NYCLASS that Sayres helped create, it’s a fair question to wonder if the mushrooming investigation will extend to Sayres at some point.  If it does, then the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council will have egg on its face, and Ed Sayres might want to have his own “Plan B.”

"When he asks you to dance you had better say never because a dance with the devil could last you forever."

Written by Jay Kitchener who is a leading advocate in the purebred dog industry. Jay has been on the forefront in preserving the rights of dog breeders and animal owners, and recently helped in turning back an effort to ban retail pet sales in Maine. Jay is now serving as the New England Regional Director for The Cavalry Group.


Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Destruction of Private Ownership of "Wild" Animals

The Cavalry Group and its members are all too familiar with the lies and facades that the animal rights groups use, working through government agencies to implement their agenda to eliminate the human animal bond, animal ownership, and private property.

In Texas, Carter Smith, the Executive Director of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD), ordered the destruction of perfectly healthy whitetail deer of private owners on deer farms across the state of Texas, wielding his power, and creating a fake crisis to usurp the rights of the property owner.

Under Carter Smith's sole discretion and direction, TPWD has been destroying perfectly healthy privately owned whitetail deer across the state of Texas under the faux crisis of Chronic Wasting Disease, also known as CWD.  According to the Center for Disease Control, there is no evidence that CWD poses any threat to humans who consume a deer with the disease, nor is there any way the disease could spread to domestic livestock. Infection rates among your average white-tailed deer linger at less than 1%. Infected deer can live quite a long time with the disease, produce healthy fawns, and remain nearly symptom free until their deaths.

Thousands of healthy whitetail deer have been
killed under the direction of Carter Smith, executive
director of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

This effort in Texas is eerily similar to government agency abuse of power on private ownership of big cats, primates, bears, elephants, killer whales, birds of prey, even squirrels and raccoons currently wreaking havoc on law abiding animal owners across America today.  

But in Texas, Carter Smith is using the non-crisis of CWD to take away the rights of law abiding deer owners through deceit, manipulation, and intimidation while forcing his destruction of their property. This is certainly NOT a plan to help animals.

What You Can Do

Please sign the attached petition to urge Texas Governor Abbott to remove Carter Smith from his position at Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. You do not need to be from the state of Texas to sign the petition.

For more information about this urgent matter, listen to Alan Warren Outdoors and his episode that directly addresses this issue. Listen HERE

THANK YOU for you for taking action on this important matter.  It is vital that we hold these unelected bureaucrats accountable and require them to abide by the LAW. 

The Cavalry Group Team

Monday, March 21, 2016

Activists Announce Pet Shop Ban in Portland, Maine

After failing to achieve a state-wide ban in Maine in 2015 on the four pet shops that sell dogs and cats in the state, activists announced plans this week to re-introduce the ban in Portland, Maine “by the end of the month.”  There are no pet shops that sell dogs and cats in Portland. 

More than 120 communities across the United States have mandated in law that you may not buy a puppy from a professional breeder in a legitimate pet store, and that you may only buy a puppy in the store supplied by a shelter or rescue organization.  The problem is that these organizations no longer sell animals in need of homes from the local community.  These organizations now primarily sell animals imported from unknown sources in far-away states and foreign countries.  This is the phenomenon of retail rescue.

In 2015 the Maine Legislature passed the ban on the sale of professionally bred animals in pet stores with strong bipartisan support.  The governor vetoed the law, and it died.  Now, the same players who failed to get the state-wide ban in Maine are bringing it back at the local level.
One of the biggest supporters of the failed state-wide ban in Maine was Patricia Murphy, Executive Director of the largest shelter in Maine, the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland.  According to their 2014 IRS 990 forms, this shelter has almost $11 million in assets.  Murphy is paid a salary in excess of $100,000.00.  In addition, this shelter is currently constructing a new facility with a budget of $6.5 million.

In public testimony in 2015 I told the legislature that Murphy’s shelter was importing animals.  Murphy testified after I did, and she took great exception to my statement.  She broke protocol for testifying to the legislature by straying from her script to address my statement.  She emphatically stated, “We do not import animals.”

The facts indicate otherwise.

According to a survey from Maine’s Department of Agriculture, Maine’s shelters imported 45% of their animals from out-of-state in 2014.  The survey shows that 3,436 dogs and 2,060 cats were brought into the state by Maine’s shelters that year.  The latest numbers from 2015 show a dramatic increase in these numbers with 61% of Maine’s shelter animals coming from out-of-state.  Last year Maine’s shelters imported 4,302 dogs and 3,342 cats.  More than half of the animals in Maine’s shelters now come from out-of-state.

But Murphy still believes her shelter doesn’t import animals.

Only days after Murphy claimed her shelter doesn’t import animals, one of her employees shared a post on social media lamenting how she was stuck in Boston’s rush hour traffic as she made her way to Logan International Airport in Boston to pick up a shipment of “sato” dogs.  “Sato” is Spanish for “stray dog”.

The pricelist for animals at Murphy’s shelter is complicated.  Imported animals are more expensive.  Most dogs sell for $300.00.  Imported dogs sell for $350.00.  Imported kittens sell for $200.00 each. 
According to their Facebook page this shelter sold 253 cats and kittens in December 2015.  If the cats were sold for $200.00 each, that’s over $50,000.00 in revenue in one month from cats alone.  That total doesn’t include additional revenue from 61 dogs and puppies and 15 small animals also sold in that month.

According to state statistics, over half of these animals came from out-of-state.

The proposed ban on the sale of animals in legitimate pet shops from professional breeders presumes that those breeders are unprofessional and sub-standard.  If that’s true, why would government mandate that your next puppy must come from a mysterious place that might be even worse?
The proposed ban mandates that the public may only purchase animals in a pet shop supplied by shelters and rescue organizations. For 25 years Maine’s Puppy Lemon Law has been one of the toughest consumer and animal protection laws in the country.  Animals sold by shelters and rescue organizations are exempt from all terms of Maine’s Puppy Lemon Law.  Why would government remove these protections for Maine’s consumers and Maine’s animals?

Government is working hard with the activists to make sure your next puppy comes from mysterious sources. 

Repeated calls to Murphy for comment were not returned.

Jay Kitchener is a leading advocate in the purebred dog industry and has been on the forefront in preserving the rights of dog breeders and animal owners nationwide. Jay serves as the New England Regional Director for The Cavalry Group.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Animal Rights and You: Using Americans Love for Animals to Steal your Rights

When people think of “animal rights” they think that taking good care of their family pet is the goal. It sounds right. It sounds like good common sense. After all, who could possibly be against taking better care of animals?   Unfortunately, this feel good idea is the polar opposite of what the animal rights movement is truly about. They want you to think they are against the “abuse” of animals when they appeal for donations from you, they just don’t tell you that they view animal ownership itself as the abuse they are against
The animal rights movement seems like it is focused on being kinder to animals as a moral guise to cover their true activities which seeks to create an invisible barrier between humans and animals. To make a moral equality between the life of an ant and the life of a child.   To end all human ownership of animals, end all domestication of animals. To remove animals from our plates, our barns, our homes, and our lives. The end goal of the animal rights movement is the exact same as their sisters in the environmentalist movement, they seek to end the free market system, seize and redistribute wealth, and gain power over others using our love for animals against us.   Activists could really care less about the fate of the animals they claim to be speaking for. As I discuss in my recent book, The Art of Terror: Inside the Animal Rights Movement, the end result of most animal rights policies, the animals die.
The largest group in America today focused on taking your rights away and giving them to animals is the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS).   The HSUS is a warm and fuzzy sounding group that constantly shills for donations to help them save animals.   The problem is, HSUS doesn’t run a single pet shelter in America. Not one.  They are not an umbrella group for any local “humane” society in your community.   In reality they are a Washington, DC based vegan lobbyist group with $214,549,879 in assets, and morally opposed to pet ownership and meat consumption.
“One generation and out. We have no problems with the extinction of domestic animals.
They are creations of human selective breeding.”
Wayne Pacelle President of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS).

Every state in America has extensive and excessive animal care laws and regulations already on their books to ensure that animals receive good care from their human owners. That is not animal rights, though these activists want you to think it is. You will not find mentions of rights for animals in the Declaration of Independence or the United States Constitution. Thomas Jefferson, one of the authors of both these documents would be rolling over in his grave at the thought of his documents applying to animals. What about the ‘right to air conditioning?’ Do you believe that all animals have a constitutionalright to air conditioning? Urban voters passed a ballot initiative in Missouri in 2010, funded by the animal rights extremists of HSUS, which outlawed all farmers and dog breeders overnight. The Missouri bill which extremists promoted as an end to “puppy mills” immediately made all farmers into criminals for failure to provide air conditioning to their animals. To animal rights extremists the most common normal animal practices are all abuse. In Michigan, the Department of Natural Resources issued a regulation outlawing the ownership of any pig that isn’t solid pink in color. Making farmers into felons overnight.
kd-2To the animal rights movement, a frog’s life has more value than your right to a pond on your property.   Human beings are suffering in California while all the water they need is instead given to the delta smelt (a bait fish)which has more right to life than anyone in the San Joaquin valley has a right to water. Under animal rights, the rights of a chicken are above the rights of the farmer who owns it.   Voters in California approved another HSUS ballot initiative in 2008 that caused 50% of egg farmers to go out of business, making the price of eggs rise across this nation. Control the food supply, you control the people.
These extremists have bought their way into government across the board from Tom Vilsack, the Secretary of Agriculture to your local Animal Control Officer, now more than likely a closet member of theAnimal Liberation Front (ALF), a domestic terrorist organization. The Department of Agriculture (USDA) now spends taxpayer money to promote Meatless Mondays as part of their promotion of veganism toreward their animal rights masters. They have infiltrated many large corporations and are working to take them down from the inside out.  They are in your children’s schools and your local church.  They have taken over providing training on their views of “animal law” to theNational Sheriffs Association, to your local police department and animal control officers. Social vigilantism is encouraged as they set us against our neighbors and encourage people to report each other to the authorities.
As part of the moving goal post of their animal abolition goals, Fairfax County, Virginia has just outlawed the use of a dog leash for more than one cumulative hour per day, making it a crime of animal cruelty to walk your dog too much.   Other counties nationwide are outlawing allowing dogs to stay outside in cold weather, instantly making farmers into felons for using live stock guardian dogs. Communities nationwide have low pet “limit” laws denying you the right to own the animals of your choice.   Own three Malamutes, walk them 62 minutes on a 30 degree day, and you too might be a felon.   Next thing you know, you and your neighbors will appear on the latest “animal abuser” registry that is floating around legislatures in a state near you and be banned from owning animals for life.
The right to own private property is a cornerstone of America.   Our Founding Fathers viewed private property rights as existing above and beyond government.   You not only have legal title and ownership of private property, you have the right to use that property as you wish. Animals are property, not our equals as the animal rights movement portrays, and as such, no legislature or court can ban or “limit” you from exercising your right to own and use or eat the animal of your choosing.
Read this article on its original posting at the American Policy Center
Katharine Dokken is a Public Affairs Specialist at The Cavalry Groupand the author of, The Art of Terror: Inside the Animal Rights Movement, available on Amazon.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Policing for Profit, Animal Style

The holiday season is shortly upon us and fraudulent animal rescues filled with animal rights fanatics are frantic to present sad sob stories to the public to get you to open up your wallet and snap up a Christmas puppy. As fast as you can say Merry Christmas, the Indianapolis Animal Care & Control raided a thirty year old business called Upton's Famous Pet Training Center and stole their dogs for resale. That's not all. Paul Upton also runs a licensed boarding kennel and several of the seized dogs belonged to his customers. Upton has been charged with animal cruelty and fined $112,000 plus $6,000 for kennel "care" for the dogs. The sales price of the stolen Upton dogs is simply additional gravy for the local animal shelter. 

Animal rights extremist Kim Wolsiffer had this to say. "A majority of the concerns we had were along those lines; the size of the kennel that the animals were being kept in and the medical concerns that we'd seen with multiple animals," said Deputy Chief of Enforcement Kim Wolsiffer. 
Kim Wolsiffer
Kim Wolsiffer_ Deputy Chief of Enforcement and animal rights activist.

Wolsiffer wants you to believe that she just suddenly developed a concern about the size of their kennel just as the holiday season was kicking off. Why wasn't she concerned when the kennel received a spotless inspection report earlier this year? Or any time in the previous thirty years? And just what is she concerned about? Are the kennels too big? Too small? Too round? Or what? In fact, the Upton kennels exceed federal size requirements for dogs. Wolsiffer can wring her hands all she wants, but Upton is providing better care than the law requires. It's no coincidence that just months earlier she bragged that her officers were receiving extra training to help them put the hammer down on the public. Her stated goal is to ramp up their prosecutions by 25%. All of those fines that her department receives from the public goes to pay their own salaries and "perks" of the job. Talk about a conflict of interest. 

Wolsiffer wants you to believe it was a 'random' inspection that generated a sudden crime wave that they had no idea was occurring before, but if that was true, why did they have a reporter along for a ride? And why the public announcement just months earlier that the Indianapolis Animal Care & Control department was going to deliberately increase their prosecution rate? Surprising no one, the Animal Cruelty Investigative School that Wolsiffer brags that she attended is conducted by the University of Missouri Extension Service and staffed with a who's who of animal rights quacks. It's no surprise that the program was set up by Norma Worley, a hard core animal rights fanatic, with insider connections at PETA and the radical Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). The ultimate goal of HSUS is to phase out animal ownership in America. 

 "Our job is to seize animals" Norma Worley, testimony at the Maine Animal Welfare Advisory Council, 2006. 

Worley who was run out of California under questionable circumstances went to Maine to continue her animal rights work. In 2001, the Maine legislature had issued a Red Report that said the state of animal welfare in Maine was very good, but made minor suggestions such as dropping dog licensing requirements. Animal rights activists love to hear ideas for modifying laws. You thought they'd be following through on ending dog licensing? Of course not, instead the fanatics tried to outlaw dog breeding statewide. To help make these so-called minor changes, Worley was hired by the state of Maine in 2003. Under her leadership the department performed so poorly it was downgraded from a Department to a Program as she mercilessly overspend her budget, giving the taxpayers large cost overruns. She was so widely despised for her animal rights terrorist connections that theAmerican Sporting Dog Alliance demanded she be fired in 2009

John Yates of the American Sporting Dog Alliance said this of Worley, She "has run roughshod over the rights of dog owners in what can only be described as official repression by a rogue governmental agency gone mad." 

Worley racked up such a horrible reputation in Maine that incoming Republican Governor Paul LePage threatened to fire her on his first day on the job. She immediately "retired" in January 2011 before he took office. Reinventing a new past she went to Missouri where she taught law enforcement officers how to interpret cruelty statutes from an ideological radical point of view. I've talked extensively in the past about the long term animal rights infiltration of America's law enforcement officers. Having quacks like Worley setting up training programs for officers is nothing new. Another long time animal rights wingnut, Melinda Merck, set up the animal "CSI" program at the University of Florida. The problem is, as I revealed in my book, Staring the Dragon in the Eye: The Hidden Victims of Animal Extremists, Merck is so incompetent, she couldn't tell the difference between a knife wound and a predator attack when she tried to frame an innocent teenager for crimes he had not committed. 

Wolsiffer and the officers of the Indianapolis Animal Care & Control received their job training from animal rights fanatics determined to destroy the Constitutional rights of animal owners. Paul Upton and his employees have had enough and gone public with their story, sharing details of the dog theft on their Facebook page

Katharine Dokken is a Public Affairs Specialist at The Cavalry Group and the author of a new book, The Art of Terror: Inside the Animal Rights Movement, available on Amazon. 

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