Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Farmers Stand with Domino’s Pizza in Rejecting HSUS Bully Tactics

The Left loves to talk about bullying as a national crisis, and they are absolutely right.  American companies are constantly bullied by animal rights extremists, and the result is higher food costs for working families. Domino’s Pizza bravely decided to buck this trend when they rejected a proposal pushed by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) to no longer purchase pork from farmers who confine breeding pigs in gestation crates.  Major fast-food chains like Wendy’s, Burger King, and McDonald’s have already agreed to abide by HSUS’ demands.  As a result, many cash-strapped farmers are now required to purchase expensive new equipment and engage in agriculture practices that run afoul of science and tradition. 
Shareholders at Domino’s strongly voted down the proposal, which received support from only 4% of voting members.  Unfortunately, this will likely not be the last we hear of this attempt to have business policies determined by radical activists instead of credentialed scientists.  Matthew Prescott, HSUS Food Policy Director, said of the vote, “Garnering 4%…means the organization can bring it back again next year. By next year Domino’s management will be hard-pressed to continue to ignore this.”
If you are unfamiliar with HSUS, they are essentially PETA dressed up in suits.  They have been open about their intentions to gradually phase animal agriculture out of existence.  Often they do this through manipulative state-wide ballot propositions and federal lobbying, but they aren’t above putting pressure on private businesses to either change their ways or become victims of the multi-million dollar HSUS smear-campaign budget. 
Domino’s had the courage to say no to HSUS’ extremist agenda.  For that courage, they are being rewarded by the agriculture community across the United States.  This past weekend, May 18-20 agriculture organizations encouraged their members to buy a Domino’s pizza and to leave a note thanking the company for standing up to HSUS.  
As conservatives, we should applaud Domino’s as well.  Protecting the ability of Americans to raise their own food through the use of scientifically sound agricultural practices is critical to our national security.  When America cannot produce its own food, we will be forced to rely on other countries that can, and I assure you, those countries are not interested in animals’ welfare or ours. 

Philip Christofanelli is the Director of Public Affairs at The Cavalry Group, a member based company fighting to protect the rights of law-abiding animal owners.