Sunday, May 1, 2011



An Update and Report by Frank Losey

A “Congressional Cavalry” of Six Members of Congress has now formally asked the Inspector General of the Department of the Treasury (IG) to “re-evaluate the tax-exempt status of the HSUS under the applicable legal standard” and to “investigate IRS’s potential failure to conduct a proper investigation.”  These requests were included in the signed Joint Letter that was dated April 18, 2011.  

The Six Members of Congress who signed the Joint Letter included Congresswomen Vicky Hartzler and Jo Ann Emerson from Missouri, Congressmen Blaine Luetkemeyer, Sam Graves and Billy Long from Missouri, and Congressman Don Young from Alaska.  Significantly, Congressman Young issued a Press Release dated March 30, 2011 in which he refused to accept an Award from the HSUS, and went on to say:  “HSUS are hypocrites, plain and simple, and I will not join them by accepting this award.”
In addition to attaching to the Joint Letter illustrative examples of documentation that showed the magnitude of the excessive lobbying by the HSUS, the Joint Letter also contained the two following, riveting quotes:  “We believe that HSUS’s own public documents show beyond question that lobbying is a ‘substantial part’ of its activities, and feel that IRS’s failure to act is attributable to the politically sensitive nature of HSUS’s activities.  Due to this, we write to request investigations by the Inspector General into HSUS’s apparent improper activities and its tax exempt status.” . . . “If the HSUS is not complying with the law, it should be investigated and disciplined just like any other organization, as taxpayers would be effectively subsidizing a political organization.”   Not only is this letter “HUGE,” but it could “breed” supplemental letters being sent to the Treasury’s IG from other Members of Congress.  

The pressure on the IRS to investigate the HSUS has never been greater!!!!!

When the Treasury’s IG is briefed by his Senior Staff about the April 18th Congressional Joint Letter - - SUCH BRIEFINGS OCCUR WHEN A JOINT CONGRESSIONAL LETTER IS RECEIVED - - and learns that several thousand concerned citizens have also contacted the OIG Hotline Office by E-Mail or Phone, the room  temperature will rise in the Treasury’s IG Office!!!!!!  And this BRIEFING is an additional reason for another wave of E-Mails and Phone Calls to the OIG HOTLINE OFFICE to occur within the NEXT 30 DAYS.  Even if you have already sent an E-Mail or Called, do it again.   And encourage those who have not done so to E-Mail or Call.  NUMBERS DO MATTER, especially when such a high level Senior Official in the Treasury Department begins asking hard questions and is briefed  on  the  fact that the HSUS may have under-reported its revenue by over $500 Million; that over 6,000 tax-payers from all 50 States asked the IRS to investigate the HSUS; that a new wave of E-Mails and Calls is being received by  the OIG HOTLINE OFFICE; that the HSUS  claims credit for the passage of over 550 Federal and State Statutes; and that the IRS assigned a Tax Fraud Case File Number (29-92012) to the HSUS in November 2008 - - 29 months ago! 

(Subject:  OIG Case File 55-1005-0025-C)
OIG HOTLINE PHONE:  1-800-366-4484 (Press 5)
 (May be anonymous if you choose)
Suggested Short Message: 
Would you please do what Six Members of Congress asked the Inspector General to do in their 
Joint Letter dated April 18th.”  

Each E-Mail or Call will make a difference!

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  1. Frank Losey is a hero! Thank you Mr. Losey for all your hard work to expose the truth about HSUS!