Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Rush to Regulate

USDA is in a big fat hurry to regulate pet breeders across the nation by using the Animal Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS)  to propose onerous rules under the guise of closing a so-called "loophole" for internet pet sales. 

What's worrisome about these proposed rules is that the USDA leads Americans to believe that this will rid America of unscrupulous pet breeders, but quite the opposite is true. Typical of so many government intervention, the unscrupulous remain untouched, and the law abiding are driven out of business.  

The other point of concern about this proposed rule is that it is being directed by powerful animal rights special interest groups, led by The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). Once again, American citizens and American businesses suffer under the heavy boot of wealthy special interest-driven government regulation. 

USDA's APHIS division has decided to broadly expand their jurisdiction. Accordingly, under this newly proposed rule, all pet breeders who sell their animals over the internet, phone, or mail will now be subject to the demanding licensing and inspection requirements of the federal Animal Welfare Act (AWA).

Clearly, this proposed rule sets a precedent for more onerous regulation in the future and must be stopped. 

The Cavalry Group has put together an easy 3-step action plan to STOP the proposed APHIS rule.  Please click this link, follow the 3 easy steps, and then share far and wide! But, please hurry!  Deadline to make comments to oppose this proposed APHIS rule is July 16, 2012.  Many thanks.

For Liberty,

Mindy Patterson
The Cavalry Group


  1. Thanks. I took about 2 hours to compose my lengthy and detailed letter to describe how this proposal will impact my breed which has a small genetic pool of quality dogs. When there is only one or two breeders, for example,in Hawaii and NONE in Alaska--this rule change has a far reaching impact on how dogs can be sold, and the associated expense and time to get a dog from a good breeder. Can you imagine having to pay $3000 for a round trip airline ticket to Hawaii to get a dog and bring it home to Cleveland? Or requiring anyone who lives in Alaska or South Dakota to drive or fly thousands of miles to get the dog they want? Absurd.

  2. Isn't your real agenda to reinsate horse slaughter, Mindy? This smells of another United Horsemen mission.

    1. Oh my goodness. Can you please look at what the entire dog breeding fancy has been saying and you relate it only to horse slaughter?

  3. The rush to deregulate the airlines (Reagan) resulted in the demise of several airlines, including TWA. The rush to deregulate the savings and loans (Reagan) resulted in the S&L disaster of the 80's. The rush to deregulate banking and Wall Street resulted in the Bush Crash of 2008. Find the real story behind Fast and Furious and you'll find something very different form what you heard on Fox. The NRA is using deception to protect the profits of the manufacturers and gun dealers who know that an 18 year old student doesn't really have a legitimate reason for buying 50 AK47s (example of an ATF case that Arizona refused to prosecute).

    Fox actually said that the "proof" that the Obama administration is out to take away gun rights is because they have said and done nothing with regard to gun rights. Seriously? That's the "proof"? So the proof you are going to rob the Wells Fargo bank is the fact that you haven't said anything about robbing the bank, right?

    Stop inhaling the smog from Fox and the NRA and start thinking for yourself for a change. Like they said in the movie "follow the money".

  4. Sticking to the topic helps. Quoting a movie after accusing others of inhaling smog from television does not.