Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Discovery Communications channel, Animal Planet which has direct ties to the animal rights extremist organization, the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) has been allowed unlimited access to film at the Nebraska State Fair. 

Our good friend, Trent Loos shared with us that while he attended the Nebraska State Fair this week he noticed an odd sign in the birthing pavilion that stated, "Animal Planet: Surprisingly Human."   (See image below)

Later on, after doing brief research about Animal Planet, Trent connected all the animal rights propaganda that the Animal Planet perpetuates with shows that oppose  pet stores , dog breeders, exotic animal ownership, and hunting, while promoting HSUS' annual Genesis awards. 

Trent asks these important questions: 
  1. Why with all the State Fairs that present birthing pavilions, how did Animal Planet choose the Nebraska State Fair?
  2. Has the recent stern statements by our Governor Heineman about HSUS not being welcome in the state of Nebraska some how encouraged this as an undercover operation?
  3. And finally who at the Nebraska State Fair approved Animal Planet to be on the fairgrounds and have free rein with the video cameras?

ACTION NEEDED:  Please send an email to the Nebraska Fair Manager and ask him why HSUS partner, Animal Planet is being allowed access at the Nebraska State Fair

Email: Joseph McDermott, Executive Director:

Thank you!

The Cavalry Group Team

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