Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Winston Churchill Was Right

You're probably familiar with the Winston Churchill quote, "You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life."

The Cavalry Group has plenty of enemies. Why?  Because The Cavalry Group is standing up and standing firm to protect the livelihoods and private property of our members. Members made up of law abiding animal owners and animal related businesses.  

Let's not forget that the rule of law provides that all Americans are protected by the United States Constitution against illegal search and seizure of private property, and are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law based upon facts and evidence. Unfortunately, for animal owners and businesses today, false accusations, slander, intimidation, and wrongful prosecutions are becoming more and more prevalent.  

The animal rights zealots make their ideology no secret, and they promote their false propaganda and strategies to nudge public opinion to their point of view.  It's no stretch to figure out that what the zealots intend to accomplish with their lies and bully tactics is the abolition of animal ownership, animal related businesses, and ultimately private property. 
Ah... there. I said it! Private property.  The animal rights terrorists loathe the historic principle that animals are property. In fact, they detest that fact that private property is protected under the fundamental foundation of our U.S. Constitution -- and further reinforced under the Fourth, Fifth, and  Fourteenth Amendments.  Unfortunately if your Constitutional Rights go out the window because an animal is involved, then it isn’t a far reach to the point where government or animal rights extremists can ignore your Constitutional rights altogether.

The animal rights industry is a $400 billion machine intent on destroying animal related businesses, animal agriculture, and animal ownership while pushing a vegan agenda for all. You see it every day with new costly regulations based on emotion, not science being introduced at the local, state, and federal levels.  Attacks on pet stores, dog and cat breeders, horse breeders, horse events, carriage horses, livestock breeders, animal agriculture.  And the animal rights extremists are in the news everyday with quotes who know nothing about the businesses or industries that they attack, but who are willing to lie, cheat, and steal to get their way.
These animal rights terrorists also despise the notion that people actually make a profit from breeding and selling animals. God forbid, people make a living working to raise and sell animals.  That explains a lot, don't you think?  Just look at the onslaught of the vilification of pet stores today and all the pet store bans popping up all across the U.S.  Not to mention the campaigns against dog breeders, carriage horses businesses, and animal agriculture.

The outcry from the animal rights zealots is never really about animal welfare,  but is more intent on tricking Americans into giving up their Constitutional rights, while destroying our animal heritage, and ultimately destroying the concept of private property. 

 So, let's recap! 

The Animal Rights Terrorists promote: 

    Destruction of private property rights.
    Destruction of free market and capitalism (making a living raising, breeding, working with animals.)
    Destruction of the American way of life.
    Destruction of animal agriculture.
    Vilification of breeding all animals.
    Vilification of hunting.
    Vilification of animal confinement, animal use, and animal ownership. 

So with all that said, these recent Facebook posts by anonymous cowards who are animal rights extremists (below) and this petition calling to condemn The Cavalry Group, are full of nothing but hot air and propaganda.  The petition organizer got one thing right:  The Cavalry Group is most certainly an anti-animal rights organization, and proud of it! 

The Cavalry Group will continue to stand firm to protect the Constitutional and private property rights of our members all across the United States!

Mindy Patterson is the president of The Cavalry Group, a member based company protecting  and defending the Constitutional and private property rights of law abiding animal owners, animal related businesses, hunters, and agriculture concerns legally nationwide.


  1. Glad to see TCG addressing this type of attack. Anti-animal rights and PROUD of it.

  2. The Cavalry Group is AWESOME - so happy to see the Animal Industry being represented in a positive powerful manner!