Sunday, May 1, 2016

Why Celebrate National Purebred Dog Day?

Why do we need National Purebred Dog Day? Because the propaganda of the hostile political movement of animal rights has forced changes in laws all across the nation.

In my state of Maine, the shelter and rescue industry has driven the hostile propaganda of the political animal rights movement to the point of absurdity.

They say don't buy a puppy from a family unless you can see both of the puppy's "parents" on site. Never mind that the male dog doesn't live there. If he's not present, then they must be a you-know-what. It's the law now.

Make sure you get to see the family's entire house. If it's not absolutely perfect in all aspects including things that have nothing to do with raising puppies, then they must be a you-know-what. It's the law now.

If you think the family, in your expert opinion, might be a you-know-what, then be sure to make a couple of phone calls. First, call the state's animal welfare program. You don't have to give your name or anything. Just tell them where you were and that you think they are a you-know-what. Just one anonymous phone call is all it takes.  It's the law now.

That family will soon get a visit from animal welfare agents, accompanied by the police with guns, because of your anonymous phone call. It's the law now.

That family will also receive a visit from Child Protective Services, and all the neighbors will see, because "everyone knows" that anyone who is a you-know-what also abuses children. It's the law now.

Finally, be sure to call the Humane Society of the United States. If the family you just ratted out gets convicted, you get $5,000.00 cash.

Yay, you.

This is why we need National Purebred Dog Day. When there are no more breeders, there will be no more dogs.

If you think the source of your dog makes you a better person, then you don't need a dog, you need a therapist.

My dog. My Choice. Ditch the Guilt. Take back the conversation.

Written by Jay Kitchener who is a leading advocate in the purebred dog industry. Jay has been on the forefront in preserving the rights of dog breeders and animal owners, and recently helped in turning back an effort to ban retail pet sales in Maine. Jay is now serving as the New England Regional Director for The Cavalry Group.


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